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ECI Co-founder, Sherrie Rabinowitz is one of many California-based artists selected to be a part of an important exhibition at The San Jose Museum of Art.

The San Jose Museum of Art:

A Remarkable History of Women Artists in California, 1950 - 2000, documents landmark work produced by selected women artists living and working in California during the last half century.

PART I: JUNE 1 to OCTOBER 13, 2002: Media-based Works and Performance (Featuring the visionary and pioneering Telecollaborative Art Projects of Sherrie Rabinowitz and collaborator Kit Galloway).

Highlights ECI Events, Projects, Telecollaborations and Research, 1989 to present.
Collection Telecommunications-arts projects of ECI Founders Kit Galloway & Sherrie Rabinowitz contained in the ECI archives.
Read about ECI's Partnershipaces of LA A Getty initiated Searchable Database Project.
About ECI History and philosophy of the planet's oldest multiple media cyber venue.
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Visit the various VRML-ECI projects developed in cooperation with the LA VR & 3D Users Group.
QTVR QuickTime VR scenes of ECI World Headquarters.
Telebration Each year from 1989 looking back and ahead...our countdown to that millenium thing...
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Directions How to get to ECI headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.
18th Street Arts Complex Home of the Electronic Cafe International-HQ.

Winner of the 1996 NII Award
for Telecollaboration
sponsored by AT&T

Winner - Arc Insight Award
1995 Interactive Media Festival

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