3-D Ecafe is located within Alpha World: 0N 4077W (read: zero North, 4077 West) After installing the Active World Browser, launch it, when entering Alpha World at "ground zero," enter the coordinates for Electronic Cafe in the "Teleport" pull-down menu (0N 4077W) and you'll arrive. (NOT VRML)
Tesla Park,
part of
Active World ECAFE Roadside Attraction
Tesla Park

Views many other ECI's Roadside Attractions' locations, themes, interactive events, rides, thrills, oddities, and unique assemblages using Alpha World's library of objects. Including:

The Avatar Performance Stage & Theatre, The Avatar Abduction Center (be abducted), Cattle Levitation, KONG!, The Automated Bump-Warp Dance Floor, Tesla Park, Dinosaur Lounge, IT!, UFO Invasion, Pyramid O' Fire, Stoned Hedge, The Slide Show Ride, Fire Walk, The Meteor Crash Site, Enter The Vortex, Car Wreck, The Cybersauris Dig, Big Man On Campus, The Oracle, Super ChickenMan Thing, Easter Islanders, The Lilliputian Incident, and many, many more!!!

Also, SEE MAP of ECI's Roadside Attractions layout

The 3-D site in Active Worlds is called "Electronic Cafe's Roadside Attractions!". Kit built it, which proves it must not only be fun, but easy to do (anyone can do it!!!). He first built the 3-D site for the on-line Avatar '98 conference. ECI's "in-world" after-the-conference-party was a big hit, and the augmentation of the java-based webcasting of live video & sound effortlessly appeared in the HTML slide-out window built into the Active Worlds browser -- it worked great!!!

So download the free browser, you'll be issued an avatar, and drop in and partake in the avatar firewalk! You can chat with folks from around the world.

You'll need a PC for this. We still have more Macs than we do PCs, but the Macs are just not getting supported with this stuff. Too bad!

We also hope you'll explore the online VRML universe and our good friends at ColonyCity ( Required software: blaxxun CCpro.


Active Worlds Official Sites

Cost: You can enter free as a "tourist avatar."

Download Active Worlds Browser free from:
Size of download: 1.4MB
Hard disk resources: approx 6-30Megs (depending on your travels)
Platforms Supported: Windows 95, NT
Setup: Simple, self installing EXE file
If you want building privileges and custom avatars it costs $20 per year.

Home of Active Worlds:


To find out about avatar culture and community in digital space visit "The Contact Consortium":

Have Fun,

Kit & Sherrie, CoFounders

Electronic Cafe International-Santa Monica
(Founded 1984)
1649 18th Street
Santa Monica, California

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