The Electronic Cafe "project" becomes the Electronic Cafe International
with the formal launch of the ECI in Santa Monica and Paris.

LIVE: PARIS-LOS ANGELES MATCH GRAPHIQUE: Interactive Macintosh graphics exchange between Electronic Cafe International, Santa Monica and the ParisGraph computer arts show at La Villette Museum, Paris, France. Images generated at one location were transmitted to the other where they were changed by the participating artist then transmitted back to the originator.

EARTHQUAKE: Video phone link--to Santa Cruz earthquake victims. ECI provided the only visuals and news reports that this particular community of Santa Cruz earthquake victims received the first night.

DANIEL MARTINEZ in BARCELONA, SPAIN: Performance link with Daniel at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and live from the streets of Barcelona.

SAN JOSE CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY MUSEUM: Connection with ECI for their opening exhibition.

SERIES: TELE-POETRY. ECI links poets around the country and across the world. This series allows LA poets to encounter the interests, cultural diversity, and aesthetic agendas of poets in other places, circumstances, and political contexts.

FIRST ANNUAL ELECTRONIC CAFE INTERNATIONAL'S "AROUND-THE-WORLD NEW YEAR'S EVE TELEBRATION": Connections were made around the world started at 5:00 am with Australia, one of the first time zones to enter 1990 and then advancing consecutively to each time zone just before they reached midnight. Connections included: Tokyo, Berlin, Leningrad, Paris, New York, Boston, Wash. D. C., Chicago, Boulder, several sites in California, and concluded at 2:00 am Jan. 1 with Maui.

Waiter! Get Me a Picture Phone and a Fax

It looks like the setting for a power lunch. But inside Electronic Cafe International in Santa Monica, Calif., you can get a lot more than a cup of espresso and a piece of quiche. How about a fax from India, or a teleconference call from London? Located in Santa Monica's 18th Street Arts Complex, Electronic Cafe International is more than an eatery; it's the latest wrinkle in global-communications facilities.

The brainchild of communications experts Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, the Cafe offers both an assortment of food and drinks and a smorgasbord of teleconferencing equipment. Fax machines, picture phones, computers and telephones allow diners to exchange information with associates around the world. On New Year's Eve patrons raised glasses with revelers in Tokyo, cheered with 400,000 Germans as the clock on the Brandenburg Gate struck midnight and talked with ham-radio buffs worldwide.

-- Newsweek, July 1990

Kit with Panasonic still-frame B&W videophone


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