CITE, LA VILLETTE. PARIS, FRANCE. "Man and Communications." Exhibition: ECI Installation-link at La Villette the largest science and industry museum in the world.

SERIES: VIRTUAL REALITY Special interest group. Founded by ECI-Santa Monica and Dave Blackburn and sponsored in part by International Interactive Communications Society (IICS) of Los Angeles. The VR-SIG meets monthly at ECI. Guests, demonstrations, Tele-networked VR, and multimedia link-ups with VR gurus from around the country and world.

SERIES: 21ST CENTURY ODYSSEY Continued . Ongoing connections with BARBARA T. SMITH while traveling around the world. 3-way connection with Barbara and ROY WALFORD inside BIOSPHERE 2. 3-way performance, Barbara in Katmandu, Nepal; Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona and ECI, Santa Monica.

SERIES: KIDS TO KIDS San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Kids to Kids, produced by Ulysses Jenkins, [OtherVisions]. The intention of this day is to demystify some of the media art images of contemporary art by providing an opportunity for young people to be involved with the technology and artistic process. The theme is, "what young people think the future has in store for us."

SERIES: Pittsburgh Children's Museum: Kids to Kids, Kids meet kids and share poetry and concerns for the future.

"SANTA MONICA - PARIS MURMURANT," (Humming): Internationally known avant garde vocalist and composer, Bonnie Barnett, presents Santa Monica / Paris--Humming (Murmurant). A participatory event! People in Santa Monica sing together with participants gathered simultaneously in Paris. At each site there was a performance leader and instrumentalists Barnett leads everyone through a simple vocal awareness exercise, and introduces tonality by having the instruments begin to play. The public at both sites begin singing together in long tones, changing vowels, and improvising melodic fragments. This event was made possible in part by a grant from the City of Santa Monica, Arts Division.

"MOBILE-ECI" Launched at Documenta 9, Kassel, Germany, (June 13 - Sept. 20) 100 DAYS of interactive and public participatory telecommunications events. (Yes, we were there to.) The ISDN-based ECI at Documenta 9 was a centerpiece at the world's largest contemporary art exhibition. The 235 Media Art Gallery created a unique MOBILE ECI built to travel out of three industrial shipping containers. The MOBILE ECI was a traveling interactive multimedia arts telecommunications exhibition introducing cities all over Europe to the ECI concept. Collaborative international ISDN applications, and the innovative cultural possibilities of participatory multimedia cyberspace were demonstrated with link-up throughout Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States.

RUSSIAN VISIONARY - CONNECTS WITH BIOSPHERE 2 In Santa Monica, old friend and Russian telecommunications advocate Joseph Goldin speaks about Spacebridges, recent events in Russia, and communications projects for the future.

U.N.C.E.D & GLOBAL FORUM IN RIO DE JANERIO: Connection anchored in Rio by Richard Greene, Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress. Greene gathers leaders and conference participants from around the world to share their reflections and opinions with people in Santa Monica in an open 2-way discussion.

SERIES: 21ST CENTURY ODYSSEY Continued . Three-way connection with Roy Walford in BIOSPHERE 2, and Barbara T. Smith in Sydney, Australia. as Barbara travels around the world she connects with Walford inside Biosphere 2.

ECI AT SIGGRAPH '92: ECI Installation-link for ACM SIGGRAPH '92 Art Show at McCormick Hall in Chicago. National and International connections including, France, Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, and more. Programs in Chicago, included: Live ECI Installation at SIGGRAPH showcasing nearly three years experience in international real-time shared-screen computer painting via the ECI-ISDN Network; Electronic Mural, ISDN interactive painting, Judith Meyer. Mural sites: San Francisco, Toronto, Tokyo; and the ECI at La Cit� Science Museum; Ton Baggs, PC-based image exchange called "Brave New Pixel" Video frame captured & computer paint file exchange during N.I.U. Art Gallery opening; Sofia, Bulgaria, connection with the ECI affiliate at the Electronic Studio and Gallery, Co-Directors Ionko Stoyanov and Janie Fitzgerald; .COLOR Compressed Videophone link-up with ECI-Santa Monica. Electronic music composer and designer of "Interactor" software Mark Coniglio sends midi/music information to McKormick. SIG-KIDS directed by Coco Conn. Award winning animation students from Roland Heights, Ca. High School's Computer Graphics department. Animations shown in Chicago at SIGGRAPH. From ECI-Santa Monica they talk about their work; BIOSPHERE 2 Videophone & audio connection with the BIOSPHERIANS.

BRAINSPACE CAFE. FREIBURG THEATER FESTIVAL "Virtual Ritual" FREIBURG, GERMANY: Electronic Cafe International� Teleperformance Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of September. Global Brain Music: The brains of human beings in Freiburg and Santa Monica were connected together using the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IDVA) and Interactor the midi computer interface program by Mark Coniglio. Transoceanic brainwaves produced collaborative music.. In an improvisation brain fugue participants in Freiburg and Santa Monica created music by locking into each other's brains telephonically.

Sherrie performs global Brain Music
"We did Brain Music," Galloway says. Brain Music? "We had these brain-monitoring devices that people strapped onto their heads here and in Germany," he continues. "It monitored brain wave activity, plus eye movement. We took the different beta and alpha waves and assigned different tones to them. It was very late at night in Germany, so our metabolisms were different and we were in different mental states, so we didn't often get into the same mental state." "But you could kind of listen to it," says Rabinowitz. "They had drunk a lot of beer by that time," adds Galloway.

--The Washington Post, January 1993

Brainspace Cafe Freiburger Theater Festival, "Virtual Ritual" Freiburg, Germany 3-way connect with the Brainspace Cafe & Biosphere 2: Transnational music 3-way connect with Biosphere 2, Oracle, AZ - Brainspace Cafe and the Bonnie Barnett Band at ECI Santa Monica

SERIES: TELE-POETRY. Preeminent poet, Wanda Coleman reads with poets in Philadelphia, New York and Oakland.

SERIES: VIRTUAL REALITY SIG Continues. Connections with VR consultant and author, Brenda Laurel in San Francisco.


CYBERARTS '92, Los Angeles: ECI-SM was the off-site special events venue for this national conference on artistic applications of virtual reality and all forms of interactive media.

"BRUNCH IN CALIFORNIA - DINNER IN FRANCE" NICE MUSIC FESTIVAL, NICE, FRANCE, '92: MIDI and video connections in an interactive musical day. Mort Subotnick -David Rosenboom and Cal Arts Center for Experiments in Art Information and Technology (CEAIT), connecting audio -video with the Centre International de Recherche Musicale (CIRM) in Nice, France. As claimed by both sites, this was a historic first--trans-Atlantic jam session between a stellar line up of musicians at both ends, including Terry Riley and center director Michel Redolfi in Nice.

TRIP, '92: This domestic and international conference in Washington, D.C. launched the ISDN-1 standard in the U.S. ECI-SM and the ECI-la Cit�, Paris demonstrated the culmination of several years of cultural and artistic applications using ISDN-based multimedia, collaborative computing, and shared-screen telecommunications. ECI represents the first and only on-going cultural network using international ISDN. ECI demonstrated how the deaf can use compressed video over ISDN to communicate using sign language.

ECI's 4th ANNUAL AROUND THE WORLD NEW YEAR'S EVE "TELEBRATION" COUNT DOWN TO THE MILLENNIUM: Linking different time zones as they enter the New Year. This years events include musical performance from Biosphere 2, and the addition of 12 new European ECI Affiliates as Europe becomes unified at midnight, Dec. 31st.


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