ECI-SANTA MONICA WEBCASTS: . The entire ECI event/s are now webcast live using the streaming video technology from Graham Technologies Solutions (GTS), which is installed and operating at Electronic Cafe International (ECI) in Santa Monica (www.ecafe.com). Webcasts implementing GTS streaming video are the most widely available live events on the Web because no plug-ins are required to see the video and hear the audio live. All that the client browser requires is to be Java enabled. Graham Technology Solutions (GTS): http://www.graham.com/

LA VRML Users Group "Live video webcasting in VRML worlds" Featuring John Graham, founder of Graham Technology Solutions (GTS), and Mitch Williams, LA-IICS Board Member and head of it's 3-D SIG. FIRST TIME Demos of streaming live video in a VRML world, and Multiuser world.

IICS, "Webheads, Screenagers and the Virtual University" by Bernard J. Luskin,. Chairman and CEO of CBCom, Inc., a media and telecommunications company with offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.

THE VERY KEWL MUSIC of Dr. Fiorella Terenzi Astrophysicis, Composer/Musician and Author, AND Jeannie Novak, Composer/Pianist, Founder of KALEIDOSPACE, and Author.

"TWO PLACES AT ONE TIME" Amy Knoles in Santa Monica with Neil B. Rolnick in NYC Via PictureTel teleconferencing with ECI@ The Kitchen in New York City, Neil B. Rolnick and band FISH LOVE THAT with percussionist Amy Knoles of the Techno-Lust fame will premiere Rolnick's new work for transcontinental music and video. Two Places at One Time is part of Connections: Tones and Textures--acollaboration among Composers Forum, Inc, The Kitchen, The iEAR Studios of RPI and Harvestworks /Studio Pass.

LAVUG Monthly Meeting. JAVA 3D presentation by Henry Sowizral (Java 3D chief architect) & Kevin Rushforth (Java 3Dead engineer) of SUN Microsystems.

IICS chapter meeting. Tonight's Topic will be, "Digital Coast/Tech Coast - What's Up With Them?" Confirmed speakers are: David Hankin Mayor's rep. to the Tech Coast Initiative Rohit Shukla of LARTA and Tim Cooley of the Orange County Business Consul.

ALL OVER THE MAP L.A. Freewaves: The 6th Celebration of Independent Video and New Media Festival presents MILKSTAINED, A Live Event by M.A.M.A. combined with pre-recorded video. Milkstained addresses the contradictory cultural meanings that surround breast milk and breast feeding. M.A.M.A. is a newly-formed collaborative group of women artists who have recently become mothers.

Book Signing: Celia Pierce, author of "The Interactive Book" and Panels Chairperson for this year's SIGGRAPH in Orlando, Florida.

TRAFFIC REPORT - The publication party for the 18th Street Arts Complex "TRAFFIC REPORT". Fiction plus poetry plus performance.

LAVUG meeting - "What is the Next Level of a VRML Community?" by Pascal Baudar, Creative Director of CYBERTOWN, a large VRML community located at www.cybertown.com.

IICS presents "Webheads, Screenagers and the Virtual University" by Bernard J. Luskin, Chairman and CEO of CBCom, Inc., a media and telecommunications company with offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.


The LAVUG, sponsored by blaxxun Interactive, and ECI are hosting this breakthrough cyberspace event. AVATARS 98 is a large global conference being held entirely inside graphical virtual worlds on the net inhabited by thousands of guests graphically embodied as 'avatars'. New technologies were introduced and a 3D exhibit hall and art exhibits were visited online. This will be an exciting all day show. For more information and a list of other participants visit the Contact Consortium site. Avatars '98 was produced by Bruce Damer author of "AVATARS!".

Please visit the ECAFE Active World

ECAFE at Avatars 98

ECI'S 10TH ANNUAL AROUND THE WORLD NEW YEAR'S EVE TELEBRATION held at the Electronic Cafe International in Santa Monica as well as the Electronic Cafe in Active World (Alpha World: 0 (read as zero)N 4077W) and other physical and virtualvenues to be announced.


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