CYBER HUM...IMPLANT ECI S.M. AND ECI @ THE KITCHEN IN NYC . Featuring ECI @ The Kitchen : Erick Montgomery, Sheldon Steiger, Darryl Hell Silver, Pete Serro, Jerry Franklin. Featuring in Santa Monica, Randy Yau Fin ( Geof Brandin ) Connecting the experimental media communities of the east and west coasts in an evening of ambient bliss. The Implant performance utilizes electronic/acoustic instrumentation with a variety of sheet metal sound sources and spoken word.

TELEPOETRY THE LAST POETS at ECI @ THE KITCHEN IN NYC MIMI BRUNER, JILL BUXIE at ECI S.M. THE LAST POETS. perform interactively from NYC with colleagues of theirs Mimi Bruner, and 16 year old poet, Jill Buxie, live in Santa Monica for a "mini-slam" via ISDN PICTURETEL When the revolution comes, guns and rifles will take the place of poems and essays. Incendiary street language, revolutionary ideas and jazzy musical accompaniments create the uncompromising voice of The Last Poets. In Santa Monica, MIMI BRUNER performs with passion in a "tell it like it is ..or ought to be", fashion. .Her rhyming sermonettes are insightful, her eloquent style is delightful, her sharp tongue cuts like a knife..as she exposes thought provoking view on the trials of life.

PERFORMANCE ANIMATION SOCIETY PREMIER MEETING AT ECI /SM Demonstration of 2D real-time Amiga based performance animation system developed over seas. The "Performance Animation Society" is a member / sponsor supported special interest group dedicated to the emerging field of Performance Animation, virtual theater, digital puppeteering and motion capture.

Los Angeles VRML Users Group Forms To Satisfy VRML Enthusiasts First Public Event a VRML BARN RAISING for Santa Monica's World Famous Electronic Caf´┐Ż International. At the World Headquarters of Electronic Cafe International (ECI) today, the newly formed LA VRML Users Group announced firm plans to produce its first public event. In the spirit of community that launched VRML as an emerging global medium in the last two years, the VRML Barn Raising of ECI will bring together most of Southern California's top VRML companies, designers, and authoring tools, for a unique, two-day weekend of VRML 2.0 production, experimentation, and collaborative creation.

SIGGRAPH: "THE ENCOUNTER" . Performance featuring: A first-time collaborative performance between a fully motion controlled VRML-Celebrity, Bliss: Motion Controlled VRML Avatar. Streaming VRML from the SGI booth at SIGGRAPH at the LA Convention Center in downtown, LA , to ECI in Santa Monica, where Bliss danced in a hybrid compost image space with a real video rendered avatar dancer Mona Jean Cedars. The performance included the passing of the torch from the video avatar to the VRML avatar. This was achieved by combining live VRML motion control streaming and live video streaming (GTS) over the net. This historic "Encounter", was Live Webcast over the net through Graham Technology Solutions and accessed through Electronic Cafe International website, www. ecafe.com. This event commemorated the 20th anniversary of the first time humans separated by great distances performed together in an emersive videospace (Satellite Arts Project, Galloway/Rabinowitz, 1977).

Bliss: Motion Controlled VRML Avatar performed by: Mary Ann Daniel; Designed by Bitcom: Mark Pesce, Jan Mallis, with COSMO Software (A Silicon Graphics Company): Bill McCloskey for COSMO. Creative Director: for Blitcom, Celia Pearce, Momentium Media Group; Bliss figure: Bay Raitt Bliss' Room/world: Jim Ludtke Bliss' Theme: Paul Godwin. Hosted Party at Electronic Cafe International-Santa Monica by Cosmo.

LA VRML Users Group Featuring David Freda who showcasing the VRML and 3-D marvels of the JPL/NASA Mars Rover, and a preview of what will be David's VRML portions of the Pathfinder Extended Mission and for the upcoming Mars98 mission.

Partners in a GETTY INFORMATION INSTITUTE demonstration project of the Los Angeles Culture Net, "FACES OF L.A.". This project explores the cultural and educational benefits of digital access to cultural resources through networks. Materials on this site illustrate the places, monuments, events, culture, and history of the peoples of Southern California --whether authentic or idealized, historical or contemporary, as they represent themselves or as they are perceived by others through documentary evidence and interpretive media. Each institution participating in the "Faces of LA" project was invited to select a collection or program that was felt to be indicative of its presence as a cultural institution in Southern California. Virtual Database Applications Materials from the "Faces of L.A." demonstration database have been applied in the creation of three original web productions.

9TH ANNUAL NEW YEAR'S EVE TELEBRATION COUNTDOWN TO THE MILLENIUM!. LIVE INTERNET WEBCAST. MULTI-USER VRML WORLD ECI'S MULTI-USER PALACE(tm) SITE, ANALOG or H.320 VIDEO LINKS MUSIC, PERFORMANCE, DANCE, AUDIENCE INTERACTIVITY FEATURED TELEBRATION PERFORMERS. GUARANTEED WAYS TO CONNECT! Thanks to John and Matt Graham of Graham Technology Solutions for the ongoing live webcast capabilities. Special thanks to Bob Rice for the enjoyment he gave us with his guitar licks; Celia Pearce's see-through chroma-key blue, performance with her computer graphics collaborator, Morris Mays; Always great to have Bonnie Barnett's vocal jazz with Richard Wood's saxaphone; Mona Jean Cedars for her dance/action packed poetry and Michael Terpin for his poetry delivery; Richard Wheeler's and his lute playing at the beginning of the evening, and accompanying Bob Rice on the Yamaha Disklavier for the Auld Lang Syne sequence..Thanks to Mark Liphardt and Gary Echternacth for the Amazing Dare-Devil Pyrotechniques display in the parking lot and A big thanks to Dave Blackburn, for "being" the Countdown Clock for introducing the spectacle of the Dropping Ball to the West Coast in grand style! Thanks to Tod Foley, creator/curator of the ECI-Palace, and for adding it's new "Eliptza" AI room, and the new sideshow elements.Thanks to Gary Ream of hands of Time for the new art work ..Thanks to Larry Rosenthal for bringing his "Starbase C3", Multi-user VRML world to the online Telebration. Carole Sumler for the extra Telebration HTML; Sheila Brennan who is always able to pull together whatever is needed; Alex. for always taking care of us in front of, and behind the counter; Elliott & Shirley Gold for the annual bagel delivery; Hank Bull in Vancouver for always lighting up telecom tech; Jenifer Brown for her ongoing EIS Video/data projector support.Tony Capplli for labridge.com and hosting the ECI-Palace site. Byron Wagner for Metawire.com and the years of support on and off the net.Sasha, for providing an extra PC for the Telebration.

And Thank You, to our many friends, co-sponsors, and friends in corporate places that help through the year:

18TH Street Arts Complex; Apple Computer; PictureTel Corporation; Cosmo Software; Silicon Graphics; Graham Technology Solutions; Intel ProShare; Interval Research; As If Productions; Hands of Time; LA Bridge; LAVUG; Magnitude Associates; Metawire; Momentum Media Group; Nervous Gerbil Productions;


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